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Differences Mangekyou Sharingan Kakashi, Sasuke and Itachi

Mangekyo Sharingan version of Itachi is a high-level hypnotism which enemies take to awareness creation in the virtual wearer.

if the MS version of Kakashi really to dimensi opponent move someplace else. Kakashi's MS's version is more crazy, but Itachi can not use MS a lot because it was wasteful style chakra.

Well, Kakashi's MS version is more wasteful consumption his chakra again, Kakashi can only remove this stance two or three times before collapsing from loss of chakra.

The first, Kakashi is not from Uchiha clan. This is definitely the most fundamental difference. Also we can see, after using the Mangekyou Sharingan, Kakashi to lying in the hospital for several days (Wow. ..).

I'm still confused, where to get Mangekyou Kakashi, because in reality, sebelm-before that, there are no signs at all that Kakashi has MS. Besides, Itachi said that users who can beat MS is just people who also have MS. Then ....

Ok - ok ... Lack of Mangekyou Kakashi is:

1. As not from Uchiha clan, he can not use the Sharingan too much. Because it can make a quick fatigue.

2. Mangekyou Sharingan Kakashi (apparently) is not a true MS, which was created by Madara Uchiha, in the early days of Konoha. AND clear (yet) be matched by MS to Madara who can control Kyuubi. So, in other words, this original MS Kakashi, and not MS Uchiha clan.

3. Kakashi can not control it with perfect style (seen in the fact that in can not set the "door" with a good dimension. This reinforces the theory that MS is not a true MS is horrible (you know ... ability)

But, the excess:

1. This stance, combined with the ability Kakashi who is medium-range fighter, providing a VERY big contribution.

2. This stance risks small CLEAR (when compared to MS Itachi), the only tired or could not move. While MS Itachi, must be paid to the dark for life .....

While nih ya ... if Mangekyou sharingan Itachi:

1. MS is (apparently) is a true MS hereditary clan created by Uchiha Madara. This obviously gives extraordinary powers to Itachi (Yes. .. the eye that can control the Kyuubi).

2. Tsukuyomi is a genjutsu strongest. Amaterasu ... apparently there strongest ninjutsu. While (apparently) Susanoo is the strongest summon both the physical attacks (his sword. .. what his name??) The strongest and most powerful protector (shield the Yata mirror ... if not wrong).

So ... combined with the ability to essentially Itachi was a genius .... Horrible deh.

3. Clearly, as a true Uchiha ... Itachi can access all the power of the Sharingan without any restrictions.

4. But the stakes are too horrible ... like Kakashi said, the greater the greater the risk his jutsu to bear. Payment of that awful power is darkness. Luminous world of ours taken away instead. And the only way to get light back is a demon ...with who can kill his own brother and snatched his eyes ... scary ....

type of Sharingan & Mangekyo Sharingan

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