Sunday, January 11, 2009

Akimichi clan

The Akimichi clan (秋道一族, Akimichi Ichizoku; Literally meaning "Akimichi family") is a clan that is able to convert calories into chakra, which they then use in their hidden technique, Multi-Size Technique and its various related body-enlargement jutsu; most of these jutsu are known to rapidly consume the user's chakra upon activation, and maintaining them during a prolonged battle can be tiring indeed, which must be why the Akimichi is prone to overeating in order to constantly replenish their chakra reserves. As a tribute to this, both Choji and Choza wear the kanji for "food" on the front of their clothing. If standard calories aren't enough for a battle, Akimichi can use the clan's Three Colored Pills to convert excess fat into chakra, at the cost of one's health.

The Akimichi clan seems to have a special relationship with the Nara clan and Yamanaka clan. For at least two generations, members of these three families have formed an "Ino-Shika-Cho trio," named after the first part of the names of the members. The Akimichi members are the Cho in the trio. "Ino," "Shika" and "Cho" are the names of three cards needed for a highly prized trick of "Inoshikacho" in the Hanafuda.

The name "Akimichi" means "the road in the season of autumn." "Aki" means "autumn," which is a time of harvest. "Michi" means street, which is where vendors sell food.

* Known members: Choji Akimichi, Choza Akimichi, Choji's mother, Unnamed Member

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